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Doctors and nurses charged with Medicare fraud

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On Thursday, federal authorities  accused and arrested more than 100 doctors, nurses and health care executives nationwide in what officials announced was the biggest crackdown ever in a single day in connection with Medicare fraud.

We are pleased to announce the largest federal health care fraud takedown in our nation’s history," proclaimed Attorney General Eric Holder.

According to Holder,  the time of the mid-day press conference in Washington the number of arrests was at 111 and will still rise slightly later in the day.

The supposedly false billings to defraud Medicare totaled $225 million, Holder told reporters.

The arrests took place in nine cities. Thirty-two defendants including two doctors and eight nurses were charged in Miami with different fraud schemes.

Another 21 defendants were charged in Detroit, along with 11 in Chicago, 10 in Brooklyn, New York, 10 in Tampa, Florida, nine in Houston, seven in Dallas, six in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and five in Los Angeles.

"Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals from Los Angeles to New York and cities in between have cheated taxpayers and patients alike by defrauding the Medicare program," declared Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

"Medical professionals charge for phantom procedures and unnecessary equipment. Kickbacks dictate treatment. Fraud drives prescriptions. Criminals profit, and taxpayers foot the bill," Breuer said.