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Crash Pilot was in Trainig: Asiana

 Asiana Airlines explained Monday that the pilot of  Boeing 777  which crashed in San Francisco was in training for this type of aircraft.

Pilot Lee Kang-Kuk, 46, had 43 hours of experience in piloting this type of aircraft although he was well skilled with more than 9,000 hours of flight time under his belt, Asiana said.

“It’s true that Lee was on transition training for the Boeing 777″, an Asiana spokeswoman told AFP.

However, an experienced trainer was with himn  as co-pilot.

Asiana said the airliner,  the aircraft was purchased in March 2006, treated withg  repairs for oil leaking from an engine early last month.

Asiana CEO Yoon Young-Doo on Sunday dismissed the possibility of mechanical failure as the cause of the crash.

According to US investigators  Boeing 777 was travelling much slower than the endorsed and a pilot asked to abort the landing moments before the plane crashed into the ground at San Francisco International Airport Saturday.

The flight data recorder also revealed that the Boeing 777 got a warning that its engines were expected to stall as it contacted the runway, then  burst into flames killing two people and injuring 182 others.

The request to abort the landing was recorded on the cockpit voice recorder 1.5 seconds before the plane crashed, said National Transportation Safety Board chairwoman Deborah Hersman,  leading the investigation.