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China improves own operating system to catch up on Apple, Microsoft


It’s possible that by October, China could have its own operating system  to take on imported competitors like  Microsoft Corp, Google Inc and Apple Inc, Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.

Computer technology has brought tension between China and the United States following a series  of run-ins concerning cyber security.

China is now tapping on how to assist  its domestic industry to reach the level of imported systems such as Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s mobile operating system Android.

The said  system would initially become availbale   on desktop devices and later to smartphone and other mobile devices, Xinhua said, quoting  Ni Guangnan leading an official OS development alliance established in March.

"We hope to launch a Chinese-made desktop operating system by October supporting app stores," Ni told the trade paper. Some Chinese OS already existed, but there was a large gap between China’s technology and that of developed countries, he added.

He added that he hopes domestically built software would be able to take the place of desktop operating systems within one to two years and mobile operating systems within three to five years.

Lat May, China barred government in using  Windows 8, Microsoft’s latest operating system, which was  a blow to the U.S. technology firm’s business which sparked fears China was moving to safeguard  domestic firms. Microsoft is also under investigation for anti-trust violations.