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Apple criticized over location tracking of iPhone and iPad

apple tracking

Apple is in a hot seat right now after Privacy watchdogs are demanding answers from Apple Inc. regarding reasons why   iPhones and iPads are  collecting location data on users in secret. These are  records that cellular service providers routinely keep but need  a court order to disgorge.

However the worry was impelled after  a report from researchers Alasdair Allan and Pete Warden at a technology conference in Santa Clara, California, questioned the extent about of  privacy you implicitly surrender by carrying around a smartphone and the responsibility of the smartphone makers to protect sensitive data that flows through their devices.

A great deal of concern about the iPhone and iPad tracking comes  from the fact the computers are logging users’ physical coordinates without users knowing it, in addition to that, information is then stored in an unencrypted form that would be easy for a hacker or a suspicious spouse or a law enforcement officer to search without a warrant.

Researchers stress that there’s no evidence that Apple itself has access to this data. The data seemingly stays on the device itself, and computers the data is backed up to. Meanwhile, Apple didn’t immediately gave an answer  to a request for comment by The Associated Press.

To track somebody  is a normal part of owning a cellphone, but then,  how the data is being handled is  being questioned.