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‘Voice Kids’ edition: Coach Bamboo chooses his top 2


Coach Bamboo Manalac wanted to have  more time with  his young artists for more training, however,  he had no choice but to choose two from the six kids who survived  the Sing-Offs of "The Voice Kids."

Sunday came, Manalac went for Edray Teodoro and Juan Karlos Labajo, both 13 years old, representatives of  Team Bamboo in the finals round.

Edray Teodoro sang "Tulak ng Bibig" by singer Julianne which made her coach  happy.

"I think this was your breakaway moment.This is the one where you sort of [say], ‘okay, coach, ito ‘yung kanta ko, ito ‘yung gagawin ko. So sit down and watch me.’ I was so impressed, said Manalac who also thanked the 13-year-old for being on his team.

Teodoro said that joining the competition  was to show the bullies from her school that she has more to offer0 than what  they see in her from the outside.

For Juan Karlos Labajo, he showed a great performance singing Rihanna’s "Stay" proving to his coach his worth in the competition.
"Bago ka umakyat daw, they were telling me you were getting a little emotional, na medyo nahihirapan ka, pero you did great out there," said Manalac.

"You have proven from the Battles to this point that you are a total performer. And i am a believer," he added.

Coach Lea Salonga was impressed on how Labajo executed his performance during the Battles into the Sing-Offs.

After the decisions were announced, Bamboo was very emotional while thanking the kids who didn’t make it. He wished them, all well.

Meanwhile, it’s Sarah Geronimo’s turn to choose from her team. Next week, 18 memebers from Team Sarah will fight for their place in the competition.

  • I did’t even know there was a voice kid’s edition.
    Going to have to check out youtube I guess there are videos from the show on there to watch.
    I’m in the UK we just have the voice for adults no show for the kids yet.