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Suspect in Cherry Pie Picache mom’s murder nabbed


Radio report has it that Michael Dy Flores,  29, the primary suspect in the murder of actress Cherry Pie Picache’s mother has been arrested early Wednesday morning.

According to reports, Flores was smoking outside a house when he was arrested  in a subdivision south of Manila.

A concerned citizen gave the tip about the  suspect’s whereabouts, making the arrest possible.

The murder happened on September 19 in the middle of heavy downpour brought by Typhoon Mario.

Picache’s mom, Zenaida Sison was found dead sustaining multiple stab wounds and head injuries, with a piece of cloth shoved  in her mouth. Sison’s lifeless body was discovered in the bedroom of her two-story house on Lazcano Street, Barangay Paligsahan in Quezon City.

Sison live by herself with only stay out helpers to go to her house to do housekeeping and gardening. Flores is one of them , and he disappeared after the incident.

Police  discovered complaints against Flores  from his past employers in Las Piñas City and in Cavite and Laguna provinces because of theft.