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Starcraft II: The peace is over, and the war is exploding

starcraft 2

This July 27, the most awaited game by the starcraft fans for almost a decade will now be  released by blizzard.
Blizzard is also the creator of world of warcraft and diablo2, a software house that already made the impossible in gaming industry possible with superb game play requirements.

This time, can they please the crowd like they did in 1998(starcraft)? We already know that this very moment is the gaming industry boom. Unless you copy big games today or have a better gaming idea, don’t try to invest in this industry because the competition is on fire.

starcraft 2[/caption]

Can blizzard capture the starcraft fans again or will they do it just like other’s did?

Do you know that in Korea startcraft original became a national obsession? And almost all of the top players there are celebrities, and the TV broadcast of the game attracted millions of audience.
starcraft 2[
It is unsure though why Koreans love starcraft and it is also noticed that they don’t just love starcraft. It became part of their culture after they have learned it from Americans. Many Korean players became traders in the Korean stock market when they retired since they have something that they learned from the game and that those skills of making quick bids and orders on the stock exchanges.