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Rey Pamaran files slander complaint against Melissa Mendez

 Actress Melissa Mendez will face slander charges after businessman Rey Pamaran on Wednesday filed formal complaint against her.

The complaint stemmed from  an incident last week while in a  Cebu Pacific flight from Manila to Pagadian, that resulted in the actress being offloaded from the flight. 

Pamaran, with his legal counsel, Atty. Raymond Fortun, filed charges for slander by deed at the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office. He is seeking P3 million in damages.
Pamaran pushed with the complaint  despite the issued  public apology of the actress thru her Instagram account.
The businessman said he forgave Mendez "the moment [she] was escorted out from the airplane," but filed charges against her anyway because she supposedly did not tell the whole truth in her public apology.
Pamaran earlier posted on Facebook that he was hoping for "a more heartfelt" response and that she would make the apology on television.
Before Mendez issued an apology, Pamaran posted an open letter addressing to the actress in his social media accounts, saying he won’t be pressing charges, "on the condition that you set the records straight using the truth and nothing else but the whole truth through a genuine public apology."
He added in the letter that his legal team has started preparing a complaint.