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Paulo Avelino admitted having a relationship with KC Concepcion


After months of not admitting the real score between him and tv host/actress KC Concepcion, Paulo Avelino finally answers the question heas been avoiding.

Guesting on ‘The Buzz’ with fellow actors Jericho Rosales and Maja Salvador as part of the promotion of their new tv series "Briges of Love,"   host Boy Abunda throws a killer question on Avelino. Abunda directly ask him  if he was ever in a relationship with Concepcion, at first he said they are friends.

 “KC and I are friends and I’ll always be there for her whenever she needs me,” he said.

But queen of media Kris Aquino said that Avelino did not directly answer Abunda’s question, urging him to just reply with a “yes” or “no."

After moments of persuasion, Avelino then responded: “Yes.”

However, the actor did not disclose any information as to why he and Concepcion have broken up.

Avelino pointed that both of them have different priorities as of the moment.

Avelino ignored  rumors about him and actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith.

Last week, a photo of them in what seems to be a dinner date was sent to “The Buzz.” This sparked rumors romantically involving the two of them.

On “The Buzz” on Sunday, Avelino stressed the real score between him and curtis.

“Jasmine and I are friends. We have a film coming out with Isabelle Daza. I just casually have dinner with friends, with co-workers. That’s it,” he said.

Aquino thanked Avelino for finally making the admission about his relationship with Concepcion even if it was over. Aquino said they love KC and saw how the megastar’s daughter made time for him, because he needed someone to listen to him.