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Kris Aquino, made a scene during the wake of Cristy Fermin's mom?


This issue was just a blind item on "Juicy" a talkshow on TV-5, hosted by Alex Gozaga and IC Mendoza with some members of the Press.

Last night, March 18, Mo Twister shared this rumor with Sam Y G, Tony Tony, Slick Rick which added spice to the Boys Night out, a segment of 89.9 DWTM. It happened at the wake of TV host and columnist Cristy Fermin’s mom.

Allegedly,  the story started when Kris Aquino arrived Funeraria Nacional in Quezon City, she couldn’t help herself to comment on the flower arrangements. She finds the flower arrangement rather ugly, fully aware that the flowers were from a presidential candidate who is also known as a business tycoon. Then they said  Aquino asked Cristy why the flowers were lined up in the ground floor when her mother’s funeral service room is in the second floor, reportedly, her tone has a disappointment note in it.  Cristy answered her just let the flowers be. Sensing that Kris might be in her "elements". Kris, trying to make conversation with Fermin, tried to lightly scold Fermin for not attending her mom’s wake, while she, is here visiting Fermin. 

The columnist has her own rocks, so Cristy Fermin responded to kris by simply pointing out that Kris herself was not able to give her condolence to the father of one of her program’s PR officers, Vinia Vivar, whose father passed away recently. After learning this, Kris immediately called her assistant to say sorry and personally visited her after seeing Fermin.

Surprisingly male callers  of Boys  Night out have been sharing their own knowledge regarding the story. A male caller said, the friends present at the wake could hear Kris’s comments. A caller also said that the issue wayback about James and a girl who bakes cake for him who claimed she was a fan of the purefoods where James Yap plays, revealed that Kris knew the girl and was friends with her way way back. One of the disc jock said that Kris used to order goodies from the girl. Wow, if this is true, you have to commend Kris for being the best actress in her real life tv series. Meanwhile, with regards to her issue with Cristy Fermin, they are still not okay. Their quarrel is already years old, and it happened even before Cristy was suspended and finally taken out of the show. But after the long wait , Cristy is back again, and will be seen on a show on TV-5. She’s one of the hosts of “Paparazzi,” a showbiz talk show that will surely compete “The Buzz” and “Showbiz Central” on Sundays. Joining her are Ruffa Gutierrez and, reportedly, DJ Mo.

It will surely be an interesting show for the trio knowing their hosting jobs before.

  • Ems Lang

    kris i really admire you. More power.

  • Ems Lang

    kris i really admire you. More power.

  • mar

    really I dont like cristy fermin for so many reasons