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KC Montero fulfills promise, goes to Work in Girl Dress

kc montero girl dress

The Philippine audience have seen Paolo Contis, Romnick Sarmienta, Roderick Paulate, Paolo Ballesteros did this in one of their shows.

But can you imagine the tall and big muscular guy KC Montero dress up? Not just that, dressed up but also with full blown make up for the whole week.

Meet “Cassandra Monteroid”, a brute transformed into a butterfly.

With help from friends, Angel Locsin for the wig, the dress from Sarah Meier and Bubbles Paraiso applied the make up. This new gimmick was the result of a drag challenge made by KC himself in his radio show, apparently to attract more listeners.

The challenge started when he posted this on his Twitter account: "Lets start a campaign for Justin Bieber to follow me. I will come to work in drag if he does."

Maybe KC made a huge mistake that he underestimated the power of Twitter, as a throng of Pinoy Twitters reposted his tweet immediately spreading the campaign like wildfire in a matter of hours.

A day after the campaign, "For those of you who don’t know yet. The campaign for the bieb to follow me worked. For that I will be in drag all next week", KC said.

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