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Katy Perry Elle's August cover girl

Katty Perry

Every time you watch pop princess Katty Perry, what do you notice first? It’s either the luscious boobs, elegant legs or well made behind.

But this time, Elle magazine gave emphasis on her face. She is one hot chick with that sparkling beautiful face and those smoldering eyes, perfect complexion plus a super sexy body that makes her a real princess.

Katty Perry

Meanwhile, if you don’t like that kind of Perry, check out Esquire from UK this august too. Perry is featured totally topless which will surely hit the market really hard. Sure she’s got her hands and arms in the way to cover them – but those, my friends, are one of the most spectacular pair of magnificent assets you will ever be lucky enough to lay your eyes on. Then, there are her legs, which was said a while ago, are so wonderful and elegant. But then, of course, still the star of them all, are her boobs.

Katty Perry

This chick has a lot of potential but to be with this kind of public figure you must have a celebrity face or a million dollar account. She is just one of the naughty but cute celebrities around.