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Kapitan Enteng

vic and bong

Senator Bong Revilla and the Prince of Comedy, Vic Sotto will be working together for a movie in this year’s metro manila film festival, as compared to previous years where they have their own projects.

The tandem will be doing an action comedy film just like the previous projects with Bong and Vic as lead actors. The title of the much awaited movie is “Agimat ni Enteng Kabisote”.

Every year, Vic Sotto gets the title of comedy king award. However, this year there will be a number of actors who will be joining in as well for the competition in this category.

On this regard though, if Vic still wins the MMFF comedy king award this year, he will already become a legend in Philippines cinema history.

Also, the press asked if Bong is ensuring that their movie will win the MMFF. Bong’s reply is that it depends on what will happen but he will make sure that people who will watch it will surely enjoy, and that its ok even if they don’t win.

Meanwhile, on the other related news, senator Bong Revilla confirms that he refused an offer from wowowee to be its host for the show. The senator said that wowowee is willie and no one can change that fact.

Before Senator Bong Revilla became a senator, he was a very active tv host for GMA’s Kap’s Amazing stories.

Other hit movies of Kap was Resiklo back in 2007, and Panday which was shown last year.