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Julia Barretto says Claudine will attend her 18th birthday


Teen actress Julia Barretto admitted that she is keeping  in touch with her aunt Claudine despite the Barretto family feud that continue to make headlines.

During  an interview with “The Buzz” on Sunday, Julia revealed that she and her aunt  communicate with each other regularly.

“The last time we talked, she called me yesterday or the other day. We talk. Never naman kami nag-away,” she said.

“The public, they are making these stuff na ‘Julia making up with like this, like this or like this.’ The truth is I never really got involved in any of the drama. Wala akong nakaaway. That’s how they are putting it kasi out there,” she added.

Julia added that her aunt Claudine will go to  her debut on March 10. “She’s going to be there,” she confirmed.

When asked if  there’s one project of Claudine that she would like to remake, she quickly answered   "Anak," which starred Vilma Santos as an OFW.

"If movie, definitely it’s ‘Anak’ and that’s my answer all the time kapag tinatanong sa akin,” she said.

Julia added that it would be even better if she and Claudine could bein a  project if given the opportunity.