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Jolo Revilla’s condition is deteriorating


Cavite Vice-Governor Jolo Revilla says sorry to his father on Tuesday after reports that   his condition is worsening  after suffering  a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest last Saturday, a spokesman of the Revilla family said.

Accorcing to Atty. Raymond Fortun told reporters that the younger Revilla caught pneumonia on Monday and in addition to that, he has abdominal distention. He added  that Revilla’s  CT scan that he  is also  suffering from pneumothorax (collapsed lung) affecting his left lung.

"Namumutla, he is in a lot more pain than yesterday," Fortun said, and that  vice-governor became emotional when he saw his dad, Sen. Bong Revilla, at the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa City.

Fortun said the condition of the young revilla  is  not improving.

"His condition is definitely not improving. To be more specific, he is deteriorating."

A total of 800cc of blood has been extracted from the younger Revilla since the weekend, he said.

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