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Jodi Sta. Maria with Jolo Revilla at the hospital


Giving support for Vice Gov of Cavite,  actress Jodi Sta. stayed with  Jolo Revilla while he regained his strength at the hospital following the incident of accidentally  shooting  himself on the chest.

In a photo  sent by  Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado, the actor-politician is beside  Sta. Maria, with their respective sons posing with them.

After  Revilla was rushed to the hospital more than a week ago, Sta. Maria was with him  until he already felt better, according to Mercado.

The family thanked  the actress,  for giving support for the young Revilla  all this time.

The two confirmed  relationship  in late 2012.

Meanwhile Mercado reported that her son’s bleeding has stopped, and that  a chest tube that helped him breathe has already been removed last night. The bullet wound entry has also been closed.