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Grace Lee says Goodbye to Goodtimes

grace lee

After four years, Korean radio disc jock Grace Lee bids farewell to her colleagues Mo Twister and Suzy of 89.9 Magic.
Thursday was her last day for work and she used it to thank everyone.

Lee, though late in their morning shift was still welcomed by her co-djs and even laughed with them with Mo still endlessly teasing her. Suzy and Mo took asked Grace if she gets mad whenever they tease her about her and President Benigno Aquino, and she admitted before that yes she was but now she just finds it funny Earlier there were speculations that her reasons for leaving the show includes the president, but then Grace clarified that it was not the reason  when in fact PNoy only knew about her resignation the day before her last day.

Lee read her written speech, thanking the station and most all Mo Twister. She thanked the listeners for the emotional messages posted in Facebook and Twitter. She also added that she is not leaving the station but only the show.

Mo Twister made her cry when he  expressed his thoughts on her leaving. He thanked Grace for being a good friend crying with him during tough times saying that he will never forget that.  Grace’s leaving was full of laughter. The show ended with Grace singing "You belong with Me" by Taylor Swift.

  • so what is the real reason why she’s leaving? is she going to have another show on magic?