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Will Marian Rivera turn 26 or 36 this August 12?

marian rivera

Filipina Actress Marian Rivera of GMA 7  is about to celebrate her birthday with real life sweetheart actor Dingdong Dantes(whose birthdate is August 2) on Sunday, August 7, on GMA-7′s Sunday variety program "Party Pilipinas."

People close to Marian Rivera insists that the actress will be turning 26 on the 12th. The rumors regarding her age have always been the question of many whether she’s really older than what she claims. Now, even a popular website source states otherwise.

According to Wikipedia, Marian will be turning 36 years old on August 12 since her birthdate is August 12, 1974.

Below is a snapshot of the information from wikipedia.

marian wiki

Do you think she’s 36 or 26 or you don’t care less since it’s her acting ability that counts


  • Clydix17

    but i think her family already paid even the website, as 2 results now shows in wikipedia.. look at how money can do.. liar marian!

  • smarty

    no need to pay wiki.
    everyone can edit the page lols.

    and for this blog/site to use wiki as source?
    you’ve just lost your credibility kung meron man yun lol

  • Your really beatiful.

  • Randy

    That’s edited….