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Marian Rivera rushed to the hospital


marian rivera

According to reports, GMA-7′s Primetime Queen Marian Rivera was brought to hospital on Monday while she was  taping  her primetime series "Endless Love" with off and onscreen partner Dingdong Dantes.

Sources say Marian Rivera was taken to the hospital because of vomiting.

Because of her unexpected hospitalization, Marian was not able to do an advanced taping for her weekly Show Me Da Manny yesterday. Marian has to accomplish the advance taping since  she will be flying to Singapore. Her Singapore appointment was also put on hold.

Now, many are speculating if Marian Rivera is pregnant.

However, Fans and loyal supporters of Marian Rivera said the pregnancy issue is not possible, because the reason for her vomiting is ameobiasis.

Anyway, it will all come out, so there should be no hurry like in the case of Mariel Rodriguez.