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Bituin Escalante’s expanation on ‘walkout’ issue


It was not a walkout, but because it was supposed to be their blocking.

Singer Bituin Escalante clarified that she did not walkout  out from her "ASAP" number last Sunday, in contrast  to online rumors  which has already incurred different memes.

It was the 20th year of ASAP AND Escalante happens to be  one of the returning "ASAP" performers. Taking the audience of  Mall of Asia Arena in a superb vocal power, Escalante belts out "The Power of Love," together with Lani Misalucha, Angeline Quinto, Nina, Kyla and Juris.

At the latter  part of the number, all six singers faced the audience in line, however  Escalante, who was at the left end, walked towards the other curve  of the stage and remained there until the song ended.

In a Facebook message, Escalante said that she only did her final blocking, as practiced. When she was asked why she went to the other side, she said, "Because I was the only one who remembered my blocking."

Escalanted added: "In fairness to Lani, she was absent for stage adjustment. No one briefed her. She didn’t even know we were preset. There was no malice or any of that at any point of the number."