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Anne Curtis’ performance hits International news


Actress/tv host Anne Curtis  recently performed in  "It’s Showtime"  as part of her birthday celebration.

Curtis, a self-confessed non-singer, has actually made rounds  online which even tapped  a foreign news outlet.

In its website, Australia’s Nine News, it  showed celebrity superstar  Curtis’ giving her version  of hit song  "Chandelier," which was shown during the February 14 episode of the afternoon show.

The published story was titled  "TV host’s spectacularly weird rendition of Sia hit ‘Chandelier’," added that Curtis is half-Australian and was born in the Victorian town of Yarrawonga.

The February 27 report read: "What she lacked in accuracy in hitting notes she made up for with passion, her heartfelt performance reaching new heights when she literally swung from a chandelier, as the song’s chorus suggests."

Different comments and opinions about her song number were also included in the story. Most of them were comments from Reddit, a social entertainment and news website where Curtis’ performance was filed under "cringe-worthy" and "crappy music."

On Reddit, it was titled, "Filipino singer Anne Curtis destroys Sia’s ‘Chandelier’." The comments varied from entertained, baffled, to being worried.

Curtis has always been a sport when it comes to other people bashing her about her efforts. Her passion to entertain is overwhelming that you can’t help but to appreciate her.

She is scheduled  to launch  her third album, after  the success of "Annebisyosa" in 2011 and "The Forbidden Album" in 2014.